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38 St Martin's View
Leeds LS7 3LB

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Wax Chandlery,
Lighting for Living History
Personal Accessories,
Textile Sundries



21 October 2013

We've been on holiday in the Hebridean Islands,
I forgot to put a note on the website but we've been
able to keep up with enquiries and everyone has beenunderstanding, thank you.

We ought to be back to normal now but Malcolm goes for a second knee replacement on Wednesday so if there are massive orders it will take some time for them
to be completed.

Normal orders will befulfilled from stock.


Please see terms (below) for payment methods

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Textile Sundries

Bone Sewing Needles
Bone Knitting Needles
Nåhlbindning Bodkins
Brass Sewing Needles
Brass Pins
Brass Hooks and Eyes
Wooden Shuttles
Copper Alloy Shuttles
Bone Shuttles
Weaving Tablets
Thread Reels

Needle Case
Small Heddles
Peg Looms
Inkle Looms
Yarn Winders
Trollen wheels
Basic Instruction Leaflets

Personal Accessories

Wooden Combs
Bone and Antler Combs
Wooden Spectacle Frames
Bone or Horn Spectacle Frames
Cloak Pins
Dress pins
Folding Scales
Bone Tweezers/ Ear Scoops
Brass Chain
Antler Toggles
Roman hair pins



Authentic Period Candles

Hand Dipped Beeswax Candles

Hand Rolled 'Viking' Candles

Lighting for Living History

Candle holders
Rush Nips

Our Policy



We want you to be happy with what we make. If you are not we'll willingly accept returns with no argument and replace or refund. Carriage is extra, at cost. We only keep low numbers of large items because of lack of space - and we prefer to make exactly what you want, to your design and dimensions, in the traditional manner. If you require twenty or a hundred of something they'll be made specially.

PAYMENT for mail order goods:
Orders from UK are sent with an invoice, payment can then be made by cheque, postal order or BACS. Details are included on the invoice.

We are happy to take payments via PayPal.
This is a very easy process for both customer and supplier.

Thank you for your interest.


Textile Sundries
Personal Accessories
Authentic Period Candles
Lighting Accessories